I Make Heavy Metal Sound Incredible



I only offer two services and I only work with metal bands. This is because audio is now a world of specialization. You simply cannot be good at everything.


I am one of the best in the world at mixing and mastering metal bands because I've narrowed my focus on only these two services.


I can take raw tracks you've recorded at any studio and turn them into professional, polished recordings.


I can create a coherent final master that translates well onto all types of listening systems and environments.



Why Hire Me?

Mixing and mastering are the final steps in the process of making your music sound amazing.

  • It can be the difference between proudly showing off your music or being so embarrassed you never release it

  • It can be the difference between getting signed or being stuck in "local band hell" forever. 

  • It can be the difference between getting streams or getting ignored. 

More than 40,000 new songs are added to Spotify every single day. No one wants yet another trash-sounding song mix added to the pile. 

Want to stand out? Want to be proud of your work? Want to actually have your music taken seriously? 

Then hit the button below and let's see if we're right for each other.


Let's see if we're a good fit for each other!

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